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    "I Think of You When I" by Jennifer Edwards, The Archive Journal Issue 28, Autumn 2008
    The Archive Journal

    "I think of you when I: One-night-only program" Out Impact Magazine June 12, 2008
    Out Impact Magazine

    "Swapping Spit" by Judy McGuire, Time Out NY Sep 25, 2008
    Time Out NY Article

    "The Hungry Hearts Band Profile" Performance Kunst 2008
    Performance Kunst

    "Sick Love" art show at Catherine Slip Gallery" in Digicult

    "Art that leaps off the canvas" by Carol Kino, New York Times Oct 29, 2009
    NY Times Review

    "Performa 2009" by Jeff Edwards, Art Pulse Magazine 2009
    Art Pulse Magazine

    "Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Inspiring Other 'Artists'" by Benjamin Sutton, The L Magazine June 2, 2010
    L Magazine Art

    "The Artist is Absent" by Nathanael Turner, Daylight Magazine May 2010
    Daylight Magazine

    "Alternative Abramovic Retrospective" Artnet News May 27, 2010
    Artnet News

    "Parsons and Art in Odd Places Present Street Performance Celebrating NYC Grid Centennial" Urban Interventions April 7, 2011
    Urban Interventions

    "6th Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival" by Ayelet Dekel in Midnight East Magazine June 8, 2011. Midnight East Magazine

  • NEWS [2007-12]

  • [MAY 2012] MAR PORTUGUES Public Installation

    Mar Português Performance

    Lisbon | Terreiro do Paço | Sunday May 6th, 2012 at Sunrise
    Directed by May Joseph.
    Performed by Sofia Varino and May Joseph.

    Mar Português is a performance of Vasco Da Gama’s feverish dreams, as he lay dying in Cochin, India, longing for Lisbon. Created as a hallucination on the Tagus River, this is a surreal staging of intertwined colonial histories and contemporary modernities. It collides historical memories and traces of the past with the languages, cultures and practices of the present. In Mar Portugues, Tanzanian born Joseph and Portuguese performer Varino haunt Lisbon’s shores with sounds and movements from Portuguese Africa and Lusophone India.


    Whitney Biennial
    Fantastic event for Joanna Malinowska's Fieldwork at the Whitney Biennial. We howled as a pack for 12 minutes straight. Marvelous stuff. Strongly recommended. Try this at home, in the street, alone, with friends, everywhere. Now. #becoming #animal #livingmachine

    Joanna Malinowska’s sculptures, performances, and video-based projects are often inspired by her interest in cultural anthropology. She has said that she considered becoming an anthropologist, but “eventually decided that what interested [me] was not so much the research that aspires to scientific objectivity, but rather the sense of relativity of a cosmic order of one’s own culture in comparison to other possible systems.” Join Malinowska and the Hungry March Band as they stage a performance in which two marching bands converge. This program, inspired by composer Charles Ives, will re-imagine how rituals are charged with meaning in different contexts, from transcendentalism to the Native American Ghost Dance.


    YouTube Cabo de Tormentoso Video
    Video documentation of performance by Harmattan Theater at the Cape of Good Hope



    Group Exhibition curated by Gillian Sneed and Sofia Varino presented in conjunction with the interdisciplinary conference of the same name, Gridlock is a group show featuring John David Lopez, Ana Belen Cantoni, Mauricio Herrero, Jonathan Frey and Anna Kell, Shannon Hayes, Joanna Malinowska, Nobuhu Nagasawa, and Jon Gourley.


    Conference and Art Show (October 13-15, 2011)
    @ The AC Institute, Chelsea NY
    GRIDLOCK is a 2-day graduate student conference and 3-day art exhibition (October 13-15) hosted by the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory (previously the Department of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies) at Stony Brook University. This year, we have the amazing opportunity to host our conference in collaboration with the AC Institute, a premier gallery space in the Chelsea arts district of Manhattan. Our entire conference will take place on-site in the gallery location, surrounded by the works of emerging artists and graduate students.
    Conference Website

  • [JUNE 2, 2010] L MAGAZINE

    Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Inspiring Other "Artists"
    by Benjamin Sutton
    The Artist Is Absent alternative Abramovic exhibition: on Saturday a bunch of performance artists got together at 25CPW Gallery to perform some of Abramovic's works, including several that were not included in the MoMA show (too risque?), with a strong emphasis on "queer, transgender and BDSM/leather/kink" issues "whose connections to Abramović’s work are frequently alluded to but rarely made explicit." By underlining another blind spot in the blockbuster MoMA show, these artists emphasized the irrepressible and inherent plurality of performance art. Verdict: Artist Is Present!
    L Magazine Art


    "The Artist is Absent" by Nathanael Turner
    On the occasion of the closing weekend of Marina Abramović’s retrospective The Artist is Present, a group of NYC artists and performers will present reperformances of some of Abramović’s best-known works at 25CPW gallery under the title The Artist is Absent.
    The show, curated by Ariel Speedwagon, Daniel Lang/Levitsky & Quito Ziegler, will give New Yorkers the opportunity to experience works by Abramović and Abramović/Ulay in a context closer to their original presentation.
    The works included will center on the physically and emotionally intense performance pieces through which Abramović has been most influential, including “Imponderabilia,” “Freeing the Voice,” and “Rhythm 0.” The group of performers draws heavily from the queer, transgender and BDSM/leather/kink communities, whose connections to Abramović’s work are frequently alluded to but rarely made explicit.
    The Artist is Absent presents an alternative approach to reperformance than the one displayed at the MoMA, performing her works sequentially rather than in crowded galleries; by performers with a more varied and contrasting group of bodies; placing the exchange between audience and performer at the heart of the work. The curators’ challenge to the MoMA’s retrospective aims to preseve the vitality and energy of Abramovic’s work and honor her achievements as a pioneer both of performance art and of re-performance.
    Daylight Magazine

  • [May 27, 2010] ARTNET NEWS

    Think the Museum of Modern Art’s current retrospective of Marina Abramovic(closing this weekend) is too tame by half to respect the wild spirit of the performer? Well, then check out "The Artist is Absent" this weekend, May 29, 2010, at Manhattan’s 25CPW Gallery. Curated by Daniel Lang/Levitsky,Ariel Speedwagon and Quito Ziegler, the spectacle promises an "alternative" restaging of Abramovic’s seminal performance art works, one rooted in the "queer, transgender and BDSM/leather/kink communities." The goal is to restore the original sense of "public vulnerability" encoded in the pieces -- though Ziegler notes that a planned "participatory" version of Imponderabilia (the piece that originally had art lovers squeeze through a doorway framed by the nude bodies of Abramovic and her lover Ulay) has been scratched. Reportedly, Abramovic is sending her film crew in order to capture the events.
    Artnet News

  • [APRIL 3, 2011] GRID SCENES

    Parsons and Art in Odd Places Present Street Performance Celebrating NYC Grid Centennial

    On Friday, April 1st and Sunday, April 3rd Parsons The New School for Design in partnership with Art in Odd Places and the Harmattan Theater will present “Grid Scenes,” a street performance commemorating the bicentennial anniversary of the 1811 Commissioners’ Grid of Manhattan. Professional and amateur performers, artists, and Parsons faculty and staff will present a two-hour event beginning at sunset on Fourteenth Street between 5th Avenue and 7th Avenue. While traversing the two avenues, the group of students and performers will dot the landscape with “interventions” meant to draw attention to the urban landscape. This event is free and open to the public.

    The evening will also feature Platform, a panel discussion taking place on 14th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, in which artists explore the notions of labor and resolution, organized by The BroLab Collective and moderated by curator Darren Jones. Artists Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Thomas Dexter, collectively known as Hydrophony, will also present a chance-sound installation comprised of underwater field recordings taken from both the Hudson and East rivers. In addition, New School students in the course “Urban Interventions,” will present curated installations.

    These events are part of the Urban Festival at The New School, which is a programming series that explores a range of urban initiatives taking place at the university, which will run through May 15 2011.*

    From: Parsons School of Design website

    More Information:
    Art in Odd Places and Urban Interventions


    The Hungry Hearts videos on Vimeo!

  • [SEPTEMBER, 24 2008] TIME OUT NY

    "Swapping Spit" by Judy McGuire
    A hilarious little gem of shameless self-promotion from the MySpace era, out just in time for my thirtieth bday - with extra special thanks to Stacy and Rob Holub.
    Time Out NY Article


    "I think of you when I" by Jennifer Edwards
    The Archive Journal (Autumn 2008 issue)
    Article about the special performance evening I think of you when I and the art show Pink & Bent at the Leslie/Lohman Gallery.
    The Archive Journal


    "I think of you when I" on The Feminist Art Project at Rutgers University, June 2008

    Feminist Art Project


    Feminist Art Project

    I think of you when I
    Jun 19, 2008

    Leslie/Lohman Gallery
    26 Wooster St.
    (between Grand & Canal Sts.)
    New York, NY 10013
    Time: Reception at 6:30 PMShow starts at 7 PM
    Phone Number: 212-431-2609
    Contact: Pilar Gallego
    Website: http://www.leslielohman.org/

    "I think of you when I" is a one-night-only program of diverse performances by, for, and about queer women from the disciplines of performance art, theater, dance, film and video. These short pieces span the breadth and explore the depth of queer experience in both subtle and overt ways. Some artists are drag kings, some are lesbian icons, some are superheroes, some are two-dimensional, some are not women. The night will be emceed by Murray Hill and Dred. Artists include: J. Bob Alotta, Lily Baldwin, Susana Cook, J. Dellecave, Dynasty Handbag, Erin Markey, Tara Mateik, Sofia Varino and The Hungry Hearts and Yalinidream. "I think of you when I" is a presented in conjunction with Pink & Bent: Art of Queer Women, a show of visual art currently on view at Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation. $8 suggested donation for the performers at the door (no one turned away).


    @ the Leslie/Lohman Gallery NYC
    Performance Piece: "You Are Desire" (from The Red Show)
    I think of you when I performance evening
    Part of the PINK & BENT art show


    Artists included in the VARIATIONS ON A RAINBOW exhibition get their own special screening: Kalup Linzy, Tonje Gjevjon & Jan Steinum, plus surprise 16mm film Le Petit Voisin (The Boy Next Door).
    Sofia Varino, the actress from Hospital of Love by Tonje Gjevjon will make a special appearance.
    the lovemaking follows...
    Le Petit Versailles
    346 East Houston Street. between avenue b + c.
    F/V train to Second Ave. J/M - Delancey Street