Directed by May Joseph.
A collaboration with Harmattan Theater and Câmara Lenta.
Cast: Diana Bastos Niepce, Sofia Varino, Marcelo Almeida da Silva.

Mar Português Project Notes:
This performance is a dream sequence.
Actors must draw on circus elements to create a surreal physical landscape.
This performance is to be done in extreme slow movements. Time is brought to a standstill through the technique of slow motion performance.
Performers can create surreal imagery in slowed down movement -
This piece is a hallucination that demands deep concentration.
It is a trance performance. All performers must immerse in the slow walk of Vipasana, and submit to the trance like state of motion.
The Dream floats on along the site of the return of Vasco Da Gama’s ship to Lisbon.
This piece is non linear – it is physical theater that requires dance and mime, slow kinetic athleticism.
The final effect should be that of a Medieval Dream.

Mar Português